Sunday, 24 February 2008

Vantage Point

Yesterday i went to saw vantage point ^^ ........the movie i've been waited so long .... is a nice movie with unique presentation. Let me understand wat is 23 minutes in 2hrs...
For those who haven't watch yet is a must watch movie!!!!!!!

"8 Strangers. 8 Points of View. 1 Truth"
Which is the best view? Which is the Vantage Point ?

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In Spain to give a speech announcing an anti-terrorism initiative, the U. S. President (William Hurt) is apparently shot. The action tracks Secret Service agent Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) as he deals with the chaos following the shooting. We see the event first through the eyes of the television news director (Sigourney Weaver), then the scenes rewind and we see it again from several different perspectives. The arrogant U.S. Secret Service and their clever tricks meets an even more clever adversary, one who seems to have read the good guy's playbook. Agent Barnes is aided by an innocent tourist played by Forest Whitaker, and there are numerous bad guys and incidental characters. By the time Barnes discovers who the double-agent is, it is a race against time to save the president, and the ensuing car chase is a wild ride. The movie ends where it began--with the television news giving a tidy explanation that is quite different from reality. The repetitive return to 12:00 noon seems closer to Groundhog Day than Rashomon, but it is neither comedy nor drama--Vantage Point is an action thiller, start to finish.

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