Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Nuffnang sent me an email few days ago saying there will be another fantastic blogger's party Standout on 6th of June 2009. To get the invitation, we need to post something about how myself outstand in my life ~

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Here come the difficult part, How am I standout in my life ?
  1. I can eat 5 roti canai one shot ? (not outstanding at all )
  2. I can play games, study and watch American series simultaneously without failing my exam ? ( too show off=.=)
  3. I am the biggest size among my friend since i was born ? ( nothing to proud of )

After refering to some bloggers who already posted few days ago, i realise i din standout in my life at all .
I am a nonstand out. I absorbs essence of success and failure in my life, and digests the quitensential part of it.
Its a motivation, a lesson in life. Everyone's a standout, a standout in their own life.
I AM WHO I AM , just like everyone else.

For those who reading this post , don't ever think that u never standout in ur life. With this thinking, u actually very success in ur life. U understand there are still many possibilities to explore in ur life, u still have the chance to improve urself. Whenever u got 100% , there are still 200%, 300% ......for u to chase on, there will never be a perfect score.

I'm a Standout in Life because I AM WHO I AM and i proud of myself for who i am~ .I want to go to the party because i want to learn from all the outstanding ppl who's going to attend.^^


秋天里@紫鱼 said...

nice post!~ i like it... it is my norm of life!!! hehe~~gd luck for ur participation !~

♥ Renise said...

nice post too. i am who i am. =)

Anonymous said...

yea, this is wat ppl call humble yet outstanding...saw other ppl's blog regarding this issue, wow, boosting herself up up to the sky with some untruthful things..

anyway, hopefully u got the pass !! ^^

♥ Renise said...


Anonymous said...

"Everyone's a standout, a standout in their own life." yea...i believe everyone does achieve sumthing in their life..no matter what it is..everyone is being unique being themselves..that is why they r outstanding..BRAVO!! I like ur post ^^ Keep on ur spirit on move ahead :) all the best

KwOnG FeI said...


yea.. u really a standout to play games and do other stuff while on exam.. u r really a standout!

for some reason, everyone do standout in their life..

others may not realise to our own standout but it is very important for each of us to know that the fact of which each of us do standout in our life in our very own way.

hope u can get the tics and same goes to me.. and we standout at the tiger party together..hahahah

vkvun said...

everyone do standout one. just the way u see it only. different ppl have different definition for standout one. although ppl can be normal, they do posses some special skill one, like u very geng 'play game while watch drama while study'. hope we all got the ticket and can go there together